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Top Picks for our Favorite Explorer’s

Top Picks for our Favorite Explorer’s

The Explorer team is thoroughly enamored with the diverse array of food and beverage options available in Sandusky, Ohio, savoring every delectable bite and sip the area has to offer. From local delicacies to international flavors, Sandusky’s culinary scene has captured the hearts and taste buds of the Explorer team, making each dining experience a delightful adventure.

Here are some of our favorites:

Sandusky Restaurants

The Berardi’s family have served local favorite dishes for over 75 years and counting! Thanks to our amazing staff and customers we have been voted Best Fries (which we are famous for!), Best Breakfast, Best Lunch, Best Place to Get a Homemade Meal & Best Desserts via the Readers Choice Awards..

Berardi’s Website

It’s not just pizza. You can also find pasta, sandwiches, and other side dishes at independent pizzerias in Sandusky Try something new and expand your culinary horizons. For a unique taste of the region, chow down on Build Your Own Pizza with Three Toppings at this well-regarded restaurant. You’ll soon see why it’s so popular locally.

Brick Oven Menu

Cameo Pizza – It All Started Back In 1936, when Mamma Loccoco began serving her family and friends Old World Style Italian Cooking from her kitchen on Monroe Street in Sandusky, OH. Since 1936, Cameo Pizza has been a family-owned business carrying on the tradition of great food, family values, and personal service. This tradition carries over into the quality of our pizza and helps us to produce, what many people believe to be, the best tasting pizza in the industry.

Cameo Website

At CRUSH you will find an award-winning wine list, full bar, creative drinks, warm atmosphere, friendly and attentive wait staff, as well as deliciously prepared menu items to please everyone.

Crush Website

Manhattan on Market building in Sandusky, Ohio. The décor is sophisticated and warmly elegant. Start your Experience with a signature cocktail or a glass of wine from our ever changing drink menu.

J Bistro Website

The Maca Root Juice Bar & Eatery is Sandusky’s top vegan-friendly cafe. We’re your place for whole foods and healthy smoothies. Our menu is full of healthy options like smoothies, acai bowls, and avocado toast made with primarily organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients to ensure that our customers stay healthy and nourished

Maca Website

With over 80 beers, delicious Asian cuisine and sushi, Small City Taphouse offers an experience made to inspire you. The selection of craft beers is hand-picked by Kha, who travels the country seeking out the best beers to offer. The Chefs create the most amazing dishes with complex flavors derived from fresh herbs and spices.

Small City Website

Raise Your Glass: It’s Time to Grab a Drink!

Join us at the historic Daly’s Pub in the heart of downtown Sandusky. Since 1950, Daly’s has practically been part of the family to many locals and visitors. We think that’s because we give people what Sandusky is all about – Bay views, great food and a laid-back attitude.

Daly’s Website

In the heart of Sandusky, where Lake Erie whispers tales of sun-soaked summers and Cedar Point’s laughter dances on the breeze, lies a spirit unlike any other. Everwild Spirits isn’t just bourbon; it’s the echo of a legacy whispered across generations, a melody of grain and grit, poured into every amber drop.

Everwild Website

Waterfront Tiki Bar in Downtown Sandusky. Your place for Fresh Squeezed Cocktails and Frozen Drinks.

Paddle Bar Website

When it comes to dining, the Thirsty Pony, serves up a variety. From steaks, pastas & perch to Frickers World Famous Chicken Wings, gourmet pizzas & burgers bursting with flavor, you’ll find what you’re hungry for.

Thirsty Pony Website

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